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Voice Assistants in the Smarthome: How Marketers Can Leverage This New Marketing Channel

Starts: 1:35 pm | Ends: 2:10 pm

We’ll examine how voice has become the newest avenue of investment for the biggest names in search and commerce. You’ll see how this new technology is changing how consumers invest their time, understand how this technology works and we’ll lay out a clear plan for building a voice strategy. During this session, you’ll learn about the impact digital knowledge management has on the future success of your business as a means to aligning resources needed to build a successful online marketing strategy.


  • Understand how digital knowledge management (DKM) is foundational to online success
  • Understand how consumer time is being shifted from traditional search to voice
  • Learn what’s included in a dedicated voice-marketing strategy
  • Leave understanding what you need to prioritize to be successful in today’s online landscape

View session recording here.


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