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Here Are the Women: A way forward for the world’s largest emerging market

Starts: 2:15 pm | Ends: 3:00 pm

Location: Auditorium

Collectively across the globe, it’s not the Millennials that are the biggest opportunity, but women.

In this session, Julie Rezek, North American President of HackerAgency (part of FCB), will be discussing how women are the world’s largest “emerging market.” Collectively, they drive 85% of all consumer purchasing, yet with few exceptions, brands and marketers alike have failed in their approach not only with messaging, but in their own internal organizations.

This keynote will address how the political climate of 2017 has forced the hand of both marketers and employers alike as they confront a new reality where a lack of insight will make or break a company’s success. Rezek will highlight:

  • Why you should examine your strategy to translate insights about women into your work, your media and your marketing approach.
  • How the successful creative storytellers are reflecting the changing awareness seen in this year’s most powerful campaigns.
  • Why increasing internal focus on diversity and inclusion reflects the very best of both creative work and top employers.

Listen to the recorded session here!