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10 Ingredients for Your Video to Go Viral

Starts: 12:00 pm | Ends: 12:40 pm

Location: Auditorium

Creating a video that goes viral is transformational for marketers. The outcomes — ranging from monetization to brand awareness — are eye-opening and can go beyond your wildest dreams. Gary Hennerberg shares his experience of a Facebook Live Stream video gone viral with 8.5 million views. That it went viral was a surprise, and the positive impact it made for a nonprofit organization is a reminder of why every organization should aspire to create its own viral video.

Because you, too, may hope to have a video you’ve create go viral, Hennerberg will share 10 ingredients that he learned with this viral video experience that will prepare you for your big one.

In this keynote, marketers will learn:

  • Why you must plan to be spontaneous
  • How keeping your ear to the news can create a timely opportunity
  • When your video goes viral, prepare to be consumed for a few days
  • Why content and having an established social media base is an essential platform
  • Why you should Live Stream on Facebook
  • Why preparing to monetize for the big one must happen now

Listen to the recorded session here!


Gary Hennerberg
Consultant/Creative Director, Hennerberg Group Inc; CMO, The Vocal Majority, Pure Harmony